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Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT: Gen/Tran Transfer Switches and accessories should be installed by a qualified electrician familiar with residential wiring and electrical codes. Gen/Tran accepts no responsibility for accidents caused by incorrect installation. Since some states require that the installation be compliant with all applicable laws and electrical codes, it is best to check with a local electrician in your area.
Gen/Tran transfer switches are intended for single phase residential or light commercial use. If you have any questions about your specific Gen/Tran transfer switch installation, call us at 1-888-GEN-TRAN or email us for technical support. Technical advice is available M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. We respond to all emailed technical questions within one business day.

PowerStay Transfer Switches and Parallel Kits

Manual Transfer Switches 200660, 300660, 301660, 301060, 501210, 601210 Parallel Kit Installation Instructions for EU3000i 6370C

Power Centers installation instructions

Parallel Kits installation instructions for EU2000i 73131A, 30501A, 30501H

Raintight Manual Transfer Switches R200660, R300660, R301660, R301060, R501210, R601210 Prewired Transfer Switches Models 2026, 3016, 3026, 3028

AFCI and GFCI Installation with GenTran Manual Transfer Switches

1-2 Circuit and Traffic Signal Transfer Switches 

Switched Neutral Kit
Switched Neutral Kit 

Power Inlet Boxes
GenTran Power Inlet Boxes Model 14201, 14301, 63651, 53001, 14202, 14302, 63652, 53002
GenTran "Vintage" Power Inlet Boxes with Flip Lid Models 1420V, 1430V, 6365V, 530V

Gen/Tran Manual Transfer Switches
Models 15114, 30114, 20216, 30216, 30508, 30310, 302110

Gen/Tran Manual Transfer Switches Installation Instructions
UL Listed under UL98.

Instructions for Replacement Parts for Gen/Tran Manual Transfer Switches

Gen/Tran Vintage Prewired Manual Transfer Switches

Models 15116V, 30116V, 20216V, 30216V. 30310V

Vintage Prewired Manual Transfer
Switches Installation Instructions

Ovation™ Series ATS – Installation Manual
Ovation™ ATS1001D/R, ATS2001D/R, ATS2002R Installation Manual
Ovation™ Relay Kit (ATSRK) Installation Manual

PowerPause™ Load Management Kit (LSM) Installation Manual

PowerPause™ Relay Box (PP30-1,2 & PP50-1,2) Installation Manual

Ovation™ Series ATS – Generator Connection Diagrams

Briggs + Stratton/Cutler-Hammer 10-20kW
Cummins/Onan RS20000, RS30000 and RS45000 
Cummins/Onan 14/20GSBB
DynaGen GSC300 Engine Controller
Eaton/Cutler-Hammer CHGEN 10-75kW
Generac/Guardian Air Cooled 7-20kW and Liquid Cooled 22-48kW

Honda EM3800SX, EM5000SXK2, EM6500SXK1, EM5000is, EM7000is, EU6500is Portables

Kohler 8.5-30 RES
Multiquip MQ Power WhisperWatt DCA20,36,56SPX
Pramac (Powermate) Powerstation PM400911, PM401211
Pramac (Powermate) Powerstation P1103 & P1204
Pramac Diesel GBW and GSW

Winco PSS8B4W, PSS12H4W, PSS15B4W (4-Wire)

Winco PSS8000, PSS12000, PSS2000 (3-Wire)