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PowerPause™ Relay Box, for one 50 amp 2-pole circuit/240 Volts

Provided for installer convenience!  This relay box is intended to be used in conjunction with Ovation's PowerPause™ Load Management Modules when in-line relays are required to start/stop certain appliances.  This relay box is ideal for one 50-amp 2-pole load like an electric water heater (tankless) or a central air conditioner.  This box should be installed next to the Ovation Series ATS and wired to one 50 amp "discretionary" circuit wired with Load Management (like a water heater or AC), so when generator capacity is available, this relay will turn on these appliances.  Box Dimensions:   8.25" W x 10" H x 4.25" D 

Photo above shows Model PP30-2.

Product Code: PP50-1